Below is a List of Representative Projects

Ready to Rock? We're ready to watch... Every spring, Impact East Texas holds a district wide talent expo (competition). 'We have a plethora of categories to choose from including art, music drama and much more

Winners of the district Impact East Texas expo advance to the national Teen Talent expo. Their you compete agains the best in the Nation. SHOW US WHAT YOU GOT!!!

Below are the Category Score Sheets:

The purpose of the NTE

1. To involve PCG youth in developing abilities and talents for the glory of God.
2. To motivate teenagers to utilize their abilities in the ministries of the PCG.
3. To provide evaluative data on performances which may serve as a guide for development of talents and skills for the glory of God.
4. To motivate teenagers to develop their personal relationship with God.
5. To provide opportunities for teenagers to develop relationships with other youth in the PCG.

Kid's Talent Expo.
National Kids Talent Expo areas of participation for the National Kids Expo are found in the NTE rules/guidelines booklet.

Find rules HERE